Email Templates Guide from Step 1 to finish!

Email Templates Guide from Step 1 to finish!

Complete steps to creating/customizing Email Templates in Loft

Preset Email Templates

Loft provides a bundle of preset templates commonly used by Brokerages. 
  1. Adding Preset Templates to your Email Template page

Creating your own Email Template

(not attachable as PDF or Email Body)
  1. Create your own Email Body /Templates
  2. Don't know where to start?  Try our commonly used Templates
  3. Adding the Template to a deal's email (share function)
  4. Need more Template Tags?

Generating, Previewing, and Sending your Templates as PDF attachment

  1. Generate Template as a PDF attachment 
  2. Preview the Template 
  3. Send in an email

Customize Preset Templates using our Integration with Google Docs

Integrating with Google Docs has eliminated the need to use markdown language (simple HTML) to format and stylize your Templates.
Here are the steps on how to convert your current Templates into Google Docs:
  1. Turn on the Google integration
  2. Convert Templates into Google Doc
  3. Create a New Template using Google Docs
  4. Need a starting point?  Use our Repository, copy and paste pre-existing Google Doc Templates into your new Google Doc Template!
  5. Generate into a PDF attachment and Previewed before sending the template in an email

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