Admin Reports & Convert Admin Reports/Email Templates to Google documents to Brand!

Admin Reports & Convert Admin Reports/Email Templates to Google documents to Brand!

Create and add Reports (Admin Report & CDA)

We've created the following preset reports for your convenience.  These reports replace the previous Admin Report sections and CDA's.

Add Admin Report

To add your Admin Report to deals, you first MUST add it to your Email Template page, to do this, head to your Email Template Page under your brokerage menu, click the green button 'Add Email Template' pick and choose what reports you want, (for the Admin report deselect all but the Admin report option) and then click 'Add Template' like so

Use Admin Report in a deal

You can add and view your Google doc templates,  email templates, or Admin Reports/CDA's as PDF's to a deal before you send.
Head to the deal's Admin Reports menu 

Generate Template/Report

You can generate and preview your generated PDF documents before you email out from the app!

Select the report you want to generate and view

Please note, you can select more than one template  🤓

Preview Template/Report

To preview your generated templates, expand the 'Show me' newly created line

and click the report link

The document will open in a new tab for you to preview.

Share Generated Template/Report in a deal

Click Share and select your template to attach to an email in the PDF Attachments field, like so:

Fill in the remaining fields as normally done and click Send to send the email.
Please note, the Email Template field will display ONLY the original email templates in the dropdown, where the PDF Attachment field will show both and will differentiate the two template types by showing Google Docs in brackets.

Understanding notifications

Whether you're generating templates/reports to preview or sharing them via email, we visualize each process through coloured badges.

The following badges mean:


A report has been generated to preview

Your email has been marked sent by our email server

Your email has been marked delivered by our email server/Accepted by the recipient's server

The Yellow dot badge under the recipients means our email server is waiting for a response from the recipient's server


Convert your Templates to Google Docs

You can convert your Email templates to Google documents to be then attached as PDF's to your outgoing emails in Loft!  
Step 1. Enable your Google Drive integration, follow this article to set that up.
Step 2. Head to your Email template page under your Brokerage menu

Convert existing Email templates

Click on the pencil next to the email template you want to convert

Click the Create Google Doc button

This will then create the email template as a Google Doc so that you can customize within Google Docs.  The name will then change to a blue link, like so

Click the link to be redirected to the Google Doc where you can customize your doc within the limits of Google doc stylizing functions!

Template before customizing

Template after customizing

Fully customizing it with your logo and branding font, colour, etc and any changes made in your google document will be reflected on the Loft side!  *please note all tags must be enclosed with double curly brackets or the tag will not show the intended data.  For a full list of our tags, visit

Unlinking your Email templates 

If you want to unlink your templates from Google Docs, just simply click the pencil next to the template you want to unlink and click 'Unlink Google Docs' to convert the template back to its original state. Please note, this will remove any customization you've done.

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