Email template samples

Email template samples

Commission Invoice to Other Brokerage






{{seller_first_name}}  {{seller_last_name}}  TO:  {{buyer_first_name}}  {{buyer_last_name}}    

Possession Date: {{closing_date}}

Your Agent: {{ob_agent_name}}

Thank you for your cooperation on this transaction. Please consider this our invoice upon closing for HST purposes. 


 Net commission: {{net_sell_commissions}}

                          HST:  {{sell_commissions_tax}}

                       Total : {{total_commissions_our_office}}

Our HST registration number is XXXXXXXXX RT0001

BUYERS LAWYER: {{buyer_lawyer_name}}; {{buyer_lawyer_company}}


Conveyance Instruction Sellers Lawyer


**Property: {{property_address}}** 

MLS Number: {{mls_number}} - Deal Number: {{deal_number}}

Firm Date: {{firm_date}}

**Completion Date: {{closing_date}}**

This is to affirm our understanding that YOUR office will be attending to the completion of the conveyancing on behalf of the seller. Please see the attached instruction reports, commission invoice and copies of all related documents for this transaction. 


Seller: {{seller_first_name}} {{seller_last_name}} 

Seller Lawyer: {{seller_lawyer_company}} {{seller_lawyer_name}}


Buyer: {{buyer_first_name}} {{buyer_last_name}} 

Buyer Lawyer: {{buyer_lawyer_company}} {{buyer_lawyer_name}} 



Amount: {{deposited_amount}} Held By: {{deposit_holder}} - In Trust

Received From: {{buyer_first_name}} {{buyer_last_name}}

To the best of our knowledge, the above information is correct, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Buyer's Lawyer Letter





Dear {{buyer_lawyer_name}},

Our File No:   {{deal_number}}

This is to affirm our understanding that your office will be attending to the completion of the conveyancing on behalf of the Buyer.  Please see the attached Instruction Report and copies of all related documents. 

Seller Lawyer: 




Should you have any questions please email us at


Commission Invoice to Seller Lawyer


Dear {{seller_lawyer_name}},

RE: Our File {{deal_number}}

{{seller_first_name}}  {{seller_last_name}}  TO:  {{buyer_first_name}}  {{buyer_last_name}}    


Completion Date: {{closing_date}}

We understand you will be acting on behalf of the Seller. For tax purposes please consider this our commission invoice for the above noted transaction.


 Net commission: {{net_commissions}}

                          HST:  {{total_commissions_tax}}

                       Total : {{total_commissions}}

Our HST registration number is XXXXXXXXX RT0001


Amount: {{deposited_amount}} Held by: {{deposit_holder}} 


**BALANCE TO BE RECEIVED: {{balance_to_receive}}**

**EXCESS FUNDS: {{excess_to_release}}**





Email Outside Brokerages


Attn: Deal Administrator  

RE: {{property_address}}

Our File: {{deal_number}}


Please find the attached commission invoice for the deal referenced above. 


We are trusting you find the attached in order. Please notify us if there are any discrepancies and confirm receipt. 




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