Adding Email Templates for your Brokerage - Start here!

Adding Email Templates for your Brokerage - Start here!

Add Template

Navigate to the Email Templates page under your Brokerage Menu

Click the ‘New’ Button

Create Email Template

Name/Subject - Name your Template
Agent Access - Allow your agents to access Email Templates to use
Write Tab - Compose your email. Don’t know where to start?  Copy and paste Commonly used Templates into the Write tab of the composer Additional Sample templates
Preview Tab - Preview your composed email
+Images - Use HTML Code to add Logo or images to your email, Learn more on how to add a logo to your Template.

+Tags - Use tags to pull in deal details in your email, Find all the usable tags in this document or here.

If you want to format the email templates further, you must convert the to a Google Doc - Learn how to convert your Email Template into a Google doc for additional formatting options
Save - Save your changes

Creating Email Templates in a Deal

If you'd like to add templates inside of a deal, use the Share button and write a template. See Adding Emails Templates in a Deal for more details.

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