Tax Filing

Tax Filing

US Clients

!!Important!! We've had a user report the headers in our tax return report download for the excel, csv, and Googledrive files still have the 1099-MISC headers.  You will need to move your data from the downloadable spreadsheet to this spreadsheet with the 1099-NEC headers 
You will notice the spreadsheet provided in the link above is not set to be edited by users, this is on purpose as it's a public link and we don't want you sharing your data with publicly.  So you'll have to make a copy of that and work in the copy.  We've put together a full workaround video for this for you to follow!

Paper filing

You must provide Form 1096, learn more about this

Electronic Filing

Canadian Clients

Paper filing

You must provide the T4A Summary, learn more about this

Electronic filing

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