Profile selector in 'Received from' & 'Refund to' fields in your Add Deposit/Release Deposit menus

Profile selector in 'Received from' & 'Refund to' fields in your Add Deposit/Release Deposit menus

We've implemented a new way to add contacts to the 'Add Deposit' menu and 'Release Deposit' menu. 
Going forward only contacts added to the deal via the Deals People's page will show up in the Received from/Refund to fields.  

Scenario 1 - Adding a new or existing contact via the add deposit menu page.

Example, in this deal the Agent and Buyer profile have been added

In the 'Add Deposit' received from field, you will now only see those contacts added to the deal

You can however add contacts to the Received from/Refund to fields by simply typing those contacts out.

HOWEVER,  we STRONGLY suggest you search the contact first in the 'Existing Profile' field in the 'Adding Deal Access' popup to ensure you're not adding a duplicate contact.

If the contact doesn't exist, go ahead and click the blue link 'create a new profile' in the Adding Deal Access popup and proceed with creating your new contact as you normally would.

If the contact does exist, as in the case above, go ahead and select the profile, role and hit save

The contact will be added to the deposit's received from field

And added to the People's page within the deal

Scenario 2 - Agent is both the sales rep and buyer/seller on a deal

Your agent is also a buyer/seller on the deal.
You would choose the Agent's contact in the drop down in the 'Add Deposit/Refund to' field, like so

You will notice the agent's contact has an email below it to set it apart from the profile contact.  Please note, If you've already created a profile contact for your agent, due to the Xero V2 integration and QuickBooks Online integration, these contacts would be considered a duplicate

You will have to edit the Profile type contact for the agent by clicking the blue link within the People's page and adding their middle name so that it's no longer considered a duplicate.

Scenario 3 - Organization contact work around

If you're adding an org contact to your Received from/Transfer to fields, as it stands now, the org linked to a regular profile contact will not show up in the dropdown, so add that org contact to the profile.  Example:
Outside Broker added to a deal

When you add a deposit, the RE/MAX Mainstreet org contact linked to the OB Agent contact does not appear in the dropdown, just the OB Agent contact does.

The work around is to add the OB org contact to the People's page by clicking the 'New' button and searching that org contact in the 'Existing profile' field, select the contact in the dropdown, choose the role and side and save your new contact add.

Now when you add your deposit, you will see the org profile in the Received from/Refund to dropdown

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