How Loft works with SkySlope

How Loft works with SkySlope

How Loft works with SkySlope

Setting up SkySlope

The SkySlope integration will save you time by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Here are the step-by-step instructions, as well as this video.

To set up the integration, ensure you are a SkySlope Administrator for your Brokerage.

Enable your SkySlope integration by navigating to Loft>Integrations> Click Edit

Expand the Skyslope section>check the Enable checkbox

Choose the time frame you want to import deals into Loft from the Import SkySlope From dropdown field.

Head to SkySlope>My Account

Click the Integrations tab

Click Generate button to generate the API Key & Secret & download or save that information for the next step.

This will generate your Access & Secret Key, you can either copy each key or download the keys.

Head back to Loft47>Integrations & select the SkySlope menu and click Connect SkySlope.

You will be prompted to enter your Access Key & Secret from the previous step.

Once you have completed this step, you are connected to SkySlope!

Importing deals from SkySlope

To import deals follow the steps below or watch here:

Head to Integrations>SkySlope> Click the Reload button to import new deals, for existing deal not created yet, simply click on the address and then click the create deal button to import deals into Loft47. 

The following are required to import a deal in Loft:

  1. SkySlope transactions must have an Agent on the transaction. 
  2. The deal in SkySlope can not be expired.
  3. The Agent email address in SkySlope must match the Loft47 email address used for that Agent.
  4. Transactions must have a unique MLS number. If you do not have a unique MLS number for the transaction we suggest using the Zip Code twice, or another unique number of your choosing.

Contact importing

New contacts will import along with your deal in SkySlope, see field mapping below.  Existing contacts in a deal in SkySlope will update if you add them in exactly as the contact is in Loft. Example.  In the deal below, we added Bronson Blueberry with the co broker company as Blueberry Real Estate Ltd

The organization name matched exactly and was then imported into the deal like so

So as long as the names match exactly, your co-broker contacts will merge to their respective org profiles in Loft.  If you find they're not matching, we suggest you check the spelling on the contact in skyslope and make sure it doesn't have superfluous spaces, punctuation, etc.

Re-Syncing a deal

If you would like to re-sync any transaction you have already imported into Loft47 you can click on the transaction that has already been imported, and the click Sync - this will import the information again. Loft47 will keep track of the initial deal creation as well as any subsequent syncs.

Field Mapping

You can refer to this list on the field mapping between Loft and SkySlope to understand what data is getting pulled in.
Skyslope Field NamesLoft47 FieldsDescription
Office_Nameoffice_name (or agent 1 office)The first agent name match comes in as primary and sets the office for the deal
Type_of_Saleside of agents (List or Sell) defaulting to listLoft assigns the type of sale to the side the agent is representing in Loft
Type_of_PropertyProperty Type (commercial or residential) Deal Type (lease or standard)This can be two different fields in Loft Property type or Deal type depending on the value in Skyslope
MLS#mls_numberMLS number required to be UNIQUE
AddressAdress Info
Street_NumberAdress Info
Street_DirAdress Info
Street_NameAdress Info
CityAdress Info
StateAdress Info
ZipAdress Info
DateEnteredAccepted Offer DateFills in the Accepted Offer date field if the Acceptance date is empty
Scheduled_Close_DateClosed if actual is blankFills in the Closed date if the Actual_Close_Date is empty in Skyslope
Acceptance_DateAccepted Offer Date
List_Pricesell price if sale price is blankFills in the Sell Price field if the Sale_Price field is empty in skyslope
Sale_Pricesell price
Office_Gross_CommissionListing/Sell Flat Amount
First_NamePrimary Agent
Last_NamePrimary Agent
EmailPrimary Agent
S1FirstNameSeller Name
S1LastNameSeller Name
DepositAmountexpected trust deposit
Import Filters:
Status is either Active Pending

Enjoy the integration!

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