New Ways to Pay with Loft47

New Ways to Pay with Loft47


New Ways to Pay with Loft47 

Paying Agents With Direct Deposit Just Got Easier!

We would like to present more ways to pay your Agent's commissions with direct deposit. We know that you love using commercial softwares like Xero and QuickBooks Online because they integrate with over 650 business applications!

For Loft47 Brokerages who pay their agents via ACH / direct deposit, it’s important to move money fast and pay out Agents quickly. Take a look at some of the applications that are popular with the Loft47 community, and learn about how they might work for you: 

Available to both US and Canadian Brokerages, Veem sends payments to agents in 48 hours or 2 business days. Enjoy instant deposit functionality (currently available in the US only). Experience great support and an easy onboarding process with staff knowledgeable about Real Estate Brokerage clients. Veem accommodates 1 bank account set up for payable & offers workflow and approval processes, as well as self-serve Agent options.
Routable is available to US Brokerages. Send payments to agents in 48 hours or 2 business days on average. Enjoy 1 day payments, with a pre-funded Routable account. Routable accommodates multiple bank accounts & can be used to request EMD / Escrow or Trust funds. Experience Routable’s simple workflow and approval processes. is available to US Brokerages. Send payments to agents in 2 to 4 business days. Enjoy’s straightforward workflow and approval processes.

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